Kochen ist zaubern mit Essen!

Kochen ist zaubern mit Essen!
Kochen ist zaubern mit Essen!

Montag, 18. August 2014


Hi there!
Let me show you my playmobil themed birthday cake! I made it last week for my little sister! she loves playmobil (me too) and although she usually dislikes food and stuff with faces she like this because she recognized it as playmobil at once. I was so glad it made her happy! :)
It's a simple lemon cake recipe from my favourite baking book, but I used fresh lemon zests and juice instead of aroma and added candied lemon and fresh strawberries! All said it was delicious. :) I also tried diy baking sheets for the very first time and was delighted. I was allowed to cut up a clean old towel. I cut a strip as wide as the height of my baking form and long enough to fit it once around the form. I made it wet, squeezed it, then fitted the wet strip around the form, securing it with needles. After baking the strip was dry amd my cake was perfectly flat, no dome, no hubbles, just smooth and ideal for decorating!!! :) I'll get 5 strips from the towel, a friend of my mom will sew the eges, so I can wash an reuse them! I never want to bake a cake without baking sheets! ;)
For the decor I used a marzipan base and sprinkles (dark chocolate and pink sugar crystals, also pink and yellow sugar hearts). It was quite easy as I could use a moon shaped cookie cutter for the mouth and a round one for the eyes and cheeks. I just placed the cutters lightly, then put in the sprinkles. :) It was a lot of fun!!!

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